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15 Best Chrome Extensions for Freelancers & Agencies in 2024

Kyle Prinsloo

Founder, ClientManager

02 Jan 2024

Published On:

In this article, we cover the best Chrome Extensions for freelancers and agencies that can save you hundreds of hours.

This list covers our top recommended Chrome extensions on:

  • Web design

  • SEO

  • Communicating with team & clients

  • Staying organized & optimized

Want the short answer?


  2. Wappalyzer

  3. Similar Sites

  4. Responsive Viewer

  5. Fonts Ninja

  6. ColorZilla

  7. DetailedSEO

  8. Keywords Everywhere

  9. Loom

  10. Awesome Screenshot


  12. UseArtemis


  14. Eesel

  15. OneTab

🎥 Prefer watching? Here's the video:

Here's why I recommend them:

Best Chrome Extensions for Freelance Web Designers

1. HTML to Design


Want a quick way to build custom websites without starting from scratch?

As long as you’re hooked up with the Figma plugin, lets you convert any website (even private sites behind a login) into fully editable Figma designs.

This is why it came in the top spot on our best Chrome Extensions for Freelancers and Agency Owners list.

Now you can leverage any existing website into an advanced starter template.

Key benefits:

  • Save time - create a fully customizable website mock-up in minutes

  • Streamline your workflow by sharing mock-ups and collaborating on designs in real time

  • Automatically create local Figma styles to streamline future projects


Free for 12 imports /month + Pro $15 /month

2. Wappalyzer


Wappalyzer is your secret weapon to instantly uncover the tech under the hood of any website so you can see what your competitors are doing, get inspired by sites you admire, and level up your own projects.

For marketers, it’s a great tool for lead generation, market analysis and competitor research.

Uncover 1,000+ technologies in dozens of categories including programming languages, analytics, marketing tools, payment processors, CRM, CDN and more.

Key benefits:

  • Get an inside edge - find out what tech stack competitors are using, at a glance

  • Make informed decisions about the best tools and platforms for your own projects

  • Build a lead list of websites that use certain technologies, with company and contact details

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations


Free for 50 tech lookups /month plus free sample lead lists + Pro plans start at $250 /month

3. Similar Sites


With Similar Sites, you can quickly find the nearest web relatives of any site you’re checking out or working on, based on your browsing activity.

For both designers and marketers, this is a super handy tool to check out competitors in your niche, or pick up good ideas for web design and strategy.

Key benefits:

  • Quickly find similar websites for inspiration and benchmarking

  • Discover new trends and design approaches

  • Borrow great ideas and get ahead of competitors



4. Responsive Viewer


Responsive Viewer is an easy way to test a web page or web app for responsiveness and compatibility across browsers and devices.

This ensures a seamless user experience and streamlines your testing process so you always deliver high-quality websites to your clients.

Key benefits:

  • Test multiple screens in one view across a wide range of devices

  • Clean and intuitive interface

  • See changes in real-time to test accurately and fix issues on the spot



5. Fonts Ninja


Find the perfect font for your web design projects with the Fonts Ninja chrome extension.

Hover over any text to identify the font used, as well as a full list of fonts used on the website.

Easily bookmark fonts and trial them in any application with the paid version.

Key benefits:

  • No more guesswork – quickly identify and bookmark fonts from any website

  • Find inspiration with a wide range of font options for your projects

  • Speed up your freelance design workflow


Free with premium features available

6. ColorZilla


ColorZilla offers an advanced suite of color-related tools including an advanced eyedropper, color picker and gradient generator, along with a bunch of other features.

The extension helps you effortlessly capture colors from anywhere on your browser, analyse and adjust them to your needs, then copies to your clipboard so you can paste wherever you’re working.

Key benefits:

  • Get the color value of any pixel on any page

  • Quickly and easily generate color palettes for your projects

  • Analyze and compare colors to ensure consistency across designs



Best Chrome Extensions for SEO

7. DetailedSEO


DetailedSEO is a powerful tool to get instant on-page insights for any website you’re on, including title tags, meta description, meta robots tag and more.

Save hours looking through source code and get detailed insights to improve your clients’ search rankings (or your own!).

Key benefits:

  • Save time with robust on-page SEO insights in one click

  • Get instant recommendations to improve a website’s SEO score

  • Track keyword rankings and monitor competitor performance


Free with premium features available

8. Mozbar


Mozbar is one of the best free extensions for SEO research and insights if you just want some quick helpful stats.

You can see instant metrics for any page, domain or SERP, including Domain Authority, Page Authority, and number of backlinks.

It also lets you differentiate links by type (Followed, No-Followed, External, or Internal) and easily create custom search profiles for different search engines, countries, regions, or cities.

Key benefits:

  • Get valuable instant insights on keywords you want a site to rank for

  • Get website & page authority and backlink profiles while you browse

  • Easily harness the data you need to increase visibility, traffic and rankings.


Free / Moz Pro from $79 /month (30-day free trial)

Chrome Extensions for Communication & Lead Gen

9. Loom


Loom is a video messaging tool to capture your screen, webcam, or both to record clear explanations, guides, demonstrate features, or whatever you need to communicate with your clients or team members to keep them in the loop.

Key benefits:

  • Seamless video and audio capture with one click, wherever you’re working

  • Share your messages instantly via quick links


Free and $8 /month for Business (14-day free trial)

10. Awesome Screenshot


Sometimes you just need an awesome screenshot.

This extension lets you capture and annotate high-quality screenshots and video effortlessly to get your ideas across with less back and forth.

Key benefits:

  • Capture screenshots with precision and ease

  • Annotate and highlight important design elements

  • Share screenshots seamlessly for improved collaboration


Free / Premium starts at $4 /month

11. Blurweb App


Blurweb App allows you to easily mask or blur out text, images or any selected elements on images or video with one click – no editing required.

Key benefits:

  • Easy customization of blur or masking settings for precise control

  • Peace of mind for you and your clients during remote meetings and presentations

  • Maintain privacy and confidentiality when sharing prototypes

  • Save time on post-production editing


$47 /year (14-day free trial)

12. UseArtemis


UseArtemis will save you a ton of time by giving you instant access to anyone’s contact details on LinkedIn (even if they’re not publicly listed).

Just hit the Artemis button while viewing someone’s profile, and it will reveal their name, email, phone number and company details.

Key Benefits:

  • One-click access to prospects’ contact details without sending a connection request

  • Find prospects, reach out and build relationships faster

  • Free and easy to use

  • Compatible with all browsers


Free with premium features available

Best Chrome Extensions to Stay Organized & Optimized

13. (Formerly UseChatGPT.AI)


Try MaxAI to supercharge your productivity with access to all the best AI apps (including ChatGPT-4, Bard, Bing, Claude and Code Interpreter.)

Use it to instantly compose, improve your writing, summarize, explain, fix spelling & grammar, change tone, translate to other languages, or reply to any text on any webpage with one click.

Key Benefits:

  • Fastest way to use AI anywhere online

  • Save a bunch of time – let AI do all the tedious & repetitive tasks for you

  • Communicate more quickly & professionally with your team and clients

  • 100% privacy friendly



14. Eesel: ChatGPT document search


Eesel is one of Fast Company’s top new apps – an AI-powered organizer to help you keep track of your relevant docs while working across multiple apps.

It automatically filters your browser history to show the documents you need to work on, and organizes your work into folders so you don’t have to worry about organizing or searching high and low for that doc you saved in some random place.

There’s also a Beta version out which lets you ask questions like ChatGPT, and get responses based on your documents.

Key Benefits:

  • No more missing links - create a ‘shared source of truth’ for teams and projects

  • Save time and energy spent on organizing or searching through your folders

  • No account, special permissions or setup required



15. OneTab


If your tab count is usually in the double digits, you need OneTab.

This extension allows you to convert all your open tabs into a list you can come back to at any time. Simplify your tab management, reduce the clutter and improve browser performance.

Key benefits:

  • Save up to 95% memory and reduce tab clutter

  • Easily restore tabs individually or all at once for improved productivity



That's the list 🙂

In Conclusion

Whatever Chrome extensions you decide to add to your toolkit, be sure to stick with trusted extensions from reputable developers and good reviews to stay safe online.

I hope this list has given you some awesome great options to help streamline your workflow and save you time to focus on the important things (like making great coffee 😎).

If you're still here, consider trying ClientManager for free.

It's the simple client onboarding and management tool for freelancers & agencies.

Have a great day! 🥂

- Kyle & CM Team

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