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Collaborate With Your Team Without The Fluff

Keep track of tasks, projects, events and clients with ClientManager's built in collaboration features.



Organize your workflow and teammates with easy to use collaboration tools.


Client Dashboard

Track client notes, tasks, documents and more directy from their dashboard


Team Collaboration

Collaborate with teammates on tasks, events and projects.


Task management dashboard

Keep track of who is responsible for different tasks and track progress from your account.

Client Dashboard

Tasks, Assets, and Important documents needed to keep project moving directly in one dashboard for easy organization.

Collaborate with team members

Work together on tasks, clients, projects and event with other people in your team.

Manage All Tasks From One Dashboard

See tasks and projects everyone is working on and the progress directly from your dashboard with timesheets included.

Explore ClientManager's Features


Create proposals with e-signing and send a URL to the client to sign.


Create contracts with e-signing and send a URL to the client to sign.


Create once-off and recurring invoices in under 5 minutes.


Manage projects with ease. Like Trello + Notion having a baby.

Team Collaboration

Tag and assign team members to tasks and clients.

Client Dashboard

All you need to manage each client, in one simple dashboard.

Client Onboarding

Send a URL to your client to get their information.

Time Tracking

Track your time per task to ensure you're profitable.

Calendar Dashboard

Clean calendar dashboard to get a bird's eye view of events/tasks.

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