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Manage And Track Your Tasks With Ease

Notion & Trello having a baby = ClientManager task management



Easily create and manage your tasks 


Manage Tasks in One Dashboard

See all the tasks to be done across projects, clients and team in one dashboard.


Assign Tasks to Team Members

Create and assign tasks to other team members directly in dashboard


Track Task Progress

Stay ontop of what you need to do and see where you are at with progress view.

Manage Tasks Easily

Get a clear view of your tasks and their progress state in one dashboard and manage them easily.

Assign Tasks To Team Members

Assign and notify tasks to other members of your team directly from your dashboard.

Track Task Progress

See task progress and move them around in seconds from done, doing or done or create more columns for yourself.

ClientManager's Features

Client Portal

Collaborate with clients - all you need in one dashboard.


Create proposals with e-signing and send a URL to the client to sign.


Create contracts with e-signing and send a URL to the client to sign.


Create once-off and recurring invoices in under 5 minutes.


Manage projects with ease. Like Trello + Notion having a baby.

Client Onboarding

Send a client intake URL to your client to get their information.

Team Collaboration

Tag and assign team members to tasks and clients.

Client Dashboard

All you need to manage each client, in one simple dashboard.

Schedule Meetings

Create and manage meetings with Clients directly in the dashboard.

Time Tracking

Track your time per task to ensure you're profitable.

Calendar Dashboard

Clean calendar dashboard to get a bird's eye view of events/tasks.

Leads Pipeline

Simple leads pipeline to manage your prospects.

Onboard & manage your clients with ease.

Take control of your business. Save time and money - and actually enjoy the process, with ClientManager.


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