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What is a client intake form and its importance for law firms?

For law firms, a client intake form is an important part of the first contact with a prospective client, to collect important information you need about them and their legal issue. It enables lawyers and attorneys to assess the eligibility and viability of new matters, pre-vet clients, and determine relevant next steps.  

In short, a well-designed intake form is a crucial tool in running an efficient legal practice, and providing both new and potential clients with a professional experience.  
Here's what we cover:

  • Definition and Purpose of an Intake Form

  • Key Components of a Legal Client Intake Form

  • Streamlining the Client Intake Process with White Label Software

  • Creating Custom Legal Client Intake Form Templates

Let’s get to it. 

Client Intake Form For Law Firms: White Label Software

Streamline your client intake and onboarding process with white label software.


Definition and Purpose Of A Legal Intake Form

A client intake form is a questionnaire used by law firms to gather necessary information about prospective clients and their legal matters.


This client data helps lawyers and attorneys assess the case and decide whether to provide representation.

Intake forms are more than just a data capture mechanism.


They serve to:

  • Act as a gatekeeper for ill-fit cases

  • Provide an early warning system to flag conflicts of interest

  • Enable law firms to quickly assess whether their expertise aligns with the client's needs

  • Ensure firms can make informed and efficient decisions and avoid  wasting the firm's or the client’s time

  • Provide a professional and consistent experience for all new clients.

  • Equip attorneys with vital information so they can provide focused advice and guidance at the first consultation

A second, more comprehensive client intake form may also be used to gather further information from clients once they've been pre-screened and signed on. 

This avoids having to give every client a long list of questions at the first point of contact, when they haven’t yet been assured of representation. 

In short, client intake forms are essential tools for streamlining the intake process and ensuring a positive experience for clients and prospects alike, even if they turn out not to be a good fit.  


Key Components of a Law Firm Client Intake Form

Whether you choose to have one comprehensive client intake form, or a pre and post-vetting intake form, the key components of a legal intake form should include the following:

1) Client profile

All the individual’s relevant personal details and contact info that’s necessary to build a basic client profile, run pre-checks and vet the client for your services. 

5) Referral source 

Understanding how the client found your law firm will give valuable insights for refining your marketing strategies.

2) Case overview

Prompt the client for a brief description of the legal issue or incident, including key dates, locations, parties involved, and the client's desired outcome (use specific prompts to gain important details).

3) Legal background 

Previous legal representation, related cases, and their outcomes – essential for identifying potential challenges and opportunities.

4) Explanation of Legal Services 

A clear explanation of the services your firm offers, with brief explanations for each. Use simple, non-technical language to help clients understand how your firm can address their specific legal needs. 

6) Disclaimers, consent and signature

Spell out the terms of preliminary agreements and any necessary legal disclaimers. Of course, you’ll need to include a section for the client to sign for the accuracy of information provided and give their consent to proceed with data processing and legal representation.

7) Supporting documents 

When necessary, indicate any relevant supporting documents to be provided by the client. 

Remember that a prospective legal client may be feeling overwhelmed, emotional or uncertain about the situation they’re in.


Streamlining the Client Intake Process with White Label Software

Modern law firms are taking advantage of white label CRM software solutions that come with all the built-in tools, templates and automation capabilities you need to create a streamlined, user-friendly, consistent client intake system. 

Some of the benefits of white label CRM software include: 


Integrates seamlessly with your existing workflows, branding and specific needs to create a tailored experience for your clients and staff, improving adoption and usability. 


Automated data entry, document management, and workflows eliminate much of the manual workload and reduce the risk of human error.

Centralized Data 

A secure, centralized repository for all client information improves collaboration, consistency, and decision-making.

Client Portal For Improved Client Communication 

Replace email and give clients access to a secure client portal where they can schedule appointments, send and receive files, add e-signatures to documents, and check case progress.  


White label software is designed to grow with your law firm. As you take on more clients and expand your services, the software can be easily scaled to accommodate your changing needs.


White label software is way more cost-effective than building a custom solution from scratch. It also helps reduce costs associated with manual data entry, errors, and inefficient processes.

Competitive Advantage

Improved efficiency, a personalized client experience, and data-driven insights can help you stand out from the competition and attract more clients.


How To Create Custom Client Intake Form Templates

ClientManager’s white label software solution packs in all the features law firms need to modernize and streamline the client intake process. 

Easily build and customize client intake forms, contracts, proposals, invoices and more in minutes with our integrated form builders and templates.  

Here’s a demo to see how easy it is to create a custom client intake form template:


How To Implement a New Client Intake Form at Your Law Firm

If your current intake system feels a bit outdated, don't worry.


Revamping it doesn’t have to be complicated or take months - it might be that all you need is a new way of creating and processing your client intake forms.  

Here's a straightforward approach to get it done:

1) Evaluate & Plan

Take a look at your current client intake forms and process, and identify the key areas you want to improve on. Make a list of client intake questions based on our list of key components above, and decide whether you want to have one comprehensive intake form, or two versions based on pre-vetted and post-vetted clients. 

2) Choose the right software for your needs 

Decide whether you want to use a paper-based form or a digital version. Consider a white label software solution to digitize and customize your form, and easily integrate it into digital workflows that save you time and hassle. Remember to update your team and provide any necessary training. 

3. Test & Refine

Test the new form, and gather feedback from your team and clients to ensure it's working effectively and efficiently. Continuous improvement is key!

No system is perfect…but then again, having the right technology on your side can help you get pretty close! 

​We'd love it if you tried ClientManager free for 7 days.

​Even our own lawyers love the interface, user experience, and simplicity.

Here’s to more happy clients and your onboarding success 😊

Thanks again,
​Kyle & CM Team

Onboard & manage your clients with ease.

Take control of your business. Save time and money - and actually enjoy the process, with ClientManager.


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