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What Is Client Management (or CRM) Software for Freelancers?

It's simply a software tool to help you manage your clients, stay on top of your work and streamline your business, in one place.

A good CRM for freelancers and solopreneurs is easy to use, affordable, and packed with features that simplify your day-to-day operations and collaborate with clients.

Here's what we cover:

  • Why Client Management Software Is Essential for Freelancers

  • Key Features Of Good CRMs

  • How To Choose the Best Client Management Software for Your Freelance Business

Let's get into it. 

Client Management Software for Freelancers

Stop working in your business and start working on  your freelance business with client management software.


Why Client Management Software Is Essential for Freelancers

A client management software helps freelancers manage clients and run their business without having to sacrifice quality (or your sanity).


You can only 'wing it' with a handful of clients for so long before a good system becomes a necessity. 

If you're not quite convinced or clear on how a CRM can help you elevate your business and client experience, here are some benefits:

Improve Client Relationships

With detailed client profiles, interaction histories, and smart reminders, a CRM also helps you provide highly personalized service that makes clients feel valued.

Grow Your Business

Project management tools make it simple to streamline your workflow so you can scale your freelance business faster.

Make a Great Impression 

With a sleek, organized CRM platform, you'll impress clients with your professionalism and attention to detail, setting yourself apart from the competition.

Collaborate Seamlessly with Clients

With secure client portals, file sharing, and communication tools, a CRM makes it easy to keep clients in the loop and collaborate efficiently.

Automate the Boring Bits

A CRM system helps you save time and stay on the ball with automations. Calendar integrations, deadline tracking, and auto reminders keep you organized and on top of things.

Make More Money as a Freelancer

A CRM helps you work smarter, not harder, so you can take on more clients, raise your rates, and boost your bottom line without burning out.

In short, client management software is the ultimate tool for freelancers looking to build a business that's both client-centric and efficient.


Key Features of CRMs for Freelancers

The best choice for freelancers is a CRM you'll actually use.


It should feel like an extension of your business and your way of working, not an added burden. 

So here are some key features to look for in a CRM tailored to solopreneurs and freelancers:

Lightweight Project Management System

As a freelancer, you aren't usually managing complex projects with huge teams. You need a system that's intuitive and doesn't overwhelm you with features you won't use.


Look for simple task management, deadline tracking, the ability to share files and feedback with clients easily, and integration with tools they already use.

Easy Invoicing and Payments

Having a smooth invoicing system and getting paid on time is crucial for your cashflow. Look for built-in invoicing with customizable templates, the ability to accept online payments (ideally in multiple currencies), and automated payment reminders. 

Client Management That Feels Personal

A CRM should help you streamline interactions with clients without feeling impersonal.


Look for customizable templates for things like proposals and contracts, and seamless integrations with email and other preferred communication channels.

Time Tracking Without the Headache

Accurate time tracking is essential to run a profitable freelance business. Your CRM should provide time-tracking tools that are easy to use and give you quick access to reports for specific projects, clients or tasks. 

Mobile-Friendly Design

Both you and your clients are often on the go.


Look for a CRM that offers a mobile app (at least for the key features you need on the go), or at the least ensures a mobile-responsive website you can still use on the fly. 


You're a freelancer today, but you might be a small agency next year.


Look for a CRM that can grow with your business, whether that means adding team members, increasing client capacity, or integrating with more advanced features as your business evolves.

Value for Money

With a limited freelancer budget, you'll obviously want a CRM that offers a good balance of features and affordability.


Consider factors like pricing tiers, free trials, and the overall value the CRM brings to your business. Don't pay for features you won't use – prioritize ones that will have a direct impact on your productivity and profitability. 


Choosing The Best Client Management Software For Freelancers

Choosing the right client management tools for your freelance business can be tricky.  

Either way, we're here to help.

ClientManager is a software solution made specifically for freelancers and agencies.

As a small team who understand the ins and outs of freelancing and running an agency, we've designed ClientManager to be the ideal all-in-one solution that gives you the tools you actually need without the fluff.


Some key features our users love: 

Use our easy builders and templates to create professional proposals and service contracts effortlessly (includes free legal templates). Sending them to clients with a simple url link means you can track activity and get digital signatures - no more waiting around or awkward follow-ups. 

Create one-time or recurring invoices in under 5 minutes using our pre-built templates. Paypal and Stripe integrations (with more on the way) make it easy to acccept payments from anywhere. 

Use the calendar dashboard to get a birds eye view of all your important tasks and event. Or switch to the client dashboard to get a 360-view of everything you need to manage a particular client, in one place. We keep everything clean, organized, and easy to navigate.

Effortlessly manage projects, assign tasks to team members, and track progress all in one place. The intuitive design ensures a smooth workflow and keeps everyone on the same page.

We're here to make remote teamwork simple. Keep everyone in the loop  with quick tagging, mentions, and assigning features within tasks and client dashboards. 

Easily manage client onboarding and get the client information you need with our drag-and-drop form builder and templates you can send with one click. No more lengthy email exchanges or chasing after missing details. It’s a hassle-free way to get started with new clients.

Create a custom client portal to streamline collaboration with your clients (and look like a pro). Send simple requests instead of emails, book meetings, manage documents, invoices and more from one simple dashboard. 

Tracking leads is essential for any freelancer or agency, and ClientManager makes it effortless. You can easily monitor and manage your sales pipeline directly from the dashboard.

Make time-tracking seamless on every project. Use the stopwatch feature or add the duration for each task. Get quick totals per task, project or client to accurately track efficiency and cost-to-client.

Take a look at our live roadmap to see what CRM features we're adding next to create the ultimate solution for freelancers. 

And check out the demo to see how easy it is to get started with ClientManager. 

It's time to start working smarter, not harder. 

We’d love it if you tried out ClientManager free for 7 days. 

Here's to your freelancing success this year 😊

Thanks again,
​Kyle & CM Team

Onboard & manage your clients with ease.

Take control of your business. Save time and money - and actually enjoy the process, with ClientManager.


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