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What is a Client Intake Form for Estheticians?

An intake form is a document used by estheticians to gather essential information about a new client, including their skin care needs, skin concerns, personal preferences and relevant medical information related to cosmetic or skin treatment. 

This form helps estheticians to create customized treatment plans based on each client's skin care needs and goals, and helps identify any potential contraindications or allergies.

In short, a well-designed intake form is an indispensable tool in running a professional esthetics practice and ensuring your clients' safety and comfort throughout their skincare journey with you.  

Here's what we cover:

  • Why is an intake form useful for Estheticians?

  • What to include in an Esthetician Client Intake Form

  • Best Practices for an Effective Intake Form

  • Choosing the Right Template & Software for Your Esthetician CIntake Form

Let’s peel back those layers 🙂    

Esthetician Client Intake Form (Template & Software)

Optimize your client intake process with a professional esthetician client intake form.


Why is an intake form useful for Estheticians?

When you're running a busy skincare center or spa, it's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day hustle and overlook the importance of a thorough client intake process.

Taking the time to gather essential information about your clients can make all the difference in providing top-notch services and building lasting relationships. 

That's where a well-crafted intake form comes in. Not only does it help you streamline consultations and create better treatment plans - it  demonstrates your commitment to client safety and satisfaction. 

To sum up the key benefits of an intake form for estheticians:

  • Provides a comprehensive overview of a client's skincare needs and concerns

  • Helps to create personalized treatment plans 

  • Helps identify potential contraindications or allergies

  • Saves time in the consultation process  

  • Shows professionalism and attention to detail


What should be included in an Esthetician client intake form?

A good esthetics client intake form should ask the client the right questions to cover all the important information without being too long or complicated.


It's about finding the sweet spot between getting the info you need, without overwhelming the client with too many questions or getting too technical. 

At the end of the day, a thorough intake questionnaire is key to giving your clients the best possible skincare experience – one that's safe, effective, and tailored just for them. 

Esthetician Client Intake Form Template

Here's a look at the key sections and questions a comprehensive esthetician intake form template should include:

Client Information

Client Name


Date of birth

Emergency contact details

Civil Status


Skin Type & Concerns

What is your skin type?  

How does your skin heal?  

Do you have Hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) or Hypopigmentation (lightening of the skin) or marks after physical trauma? 

What are your specific challenges or concerns about your skin? 

Skincare Routine

How do you take care of your skin at home?

How do you take care of your skin at work?

What beauty or cosmetic products are you currently using?

Have you had any skin treatments in the past 6 months? (Please give details)

Are you taking any medications related to cosmetic or skin improvement? 

Medical History & Medical Conditions 

Do you have any of the following conditions? (list of relevant health conditions with checkboxes)

Have you undergone any surgeries?

Have you been under the care of a dermatologist or other physician in the past year?

Are you wearing contact lenses?

Allergies and Sensitivities

Do you have any allergies or sensitivities to any of the following? (Yes/No checkboxes with options like cosmetics, food, sunscreens, etc.)

Please list any allergies

Have you ever experienced any adverse reaction to past treatments on your skin?


Do you consume alcohol? 

Do you consume caffeinated drinks? 

Are you currently on any kind of diet?

Female Clients Only

Are you pregnant? 

Are you trying or planning to be pregnant? 

Are you taking any contraceptive pills? 

Are you breastfeeding? 

Sun Exposure and Tanning

Have you had any recent tanning or sun exposure that changed the color of your skin? 

Have you recently used any self-tanning lotions, creams or treatments? 

Terms & Conditions

Include a disclaimer with acknowledgement statement, and any relevant terms and conditions.  Include a separate consent form if where necessary. 

Client Signature

Provide space for the client to sign, agreeing to the terms and confirming the accuracy of the information provided.

Of course you can include other elements relevant to your particular clients and services.  


Best Practices for an Effective Esthetician Client Intake Form 

Here are some best practices to make your intake form as effective as possible:

Customize the form to your practice

While online templates and pdfs can be a good starting point, be sure to tailor the questions to your needs and preferences, your typical clients, and the specific concerns you may be dealing with. 

Keep it concise

Even though it's important to gather all the necessary information, the intake form should be kept as concise and simple to complete as possible. Break it up into clear sections and use simple language, providing extra explanations where appropriate.

Offer multiple choice options

Wherever possible, use checkboxes or multiple choice options to keep answers standardized and easier for clients to fill out.

Get consent for information sharing

Include a section on confidentiality and make sure clients understand how their information will be used and protected. 

Use secure online forms

Few things would be worse for your reputation than a client discovering that their sensitive information has been mishandled. Ensure your clients’ information is safe by only using secure digital forms and software.

Update forms regularly

Review and update your forms annually or as needed to stay up to date with changes in your services and keep improving on your intake process.


The Best Software for Intake Forms

Crafting an esthetician consultation form or intake form from scratch can be time-consuming. And it's totally unnecessary when there are plenty of intake templates to choose from, like the one provided above. 

At ClientManager, we're making it easier than ever to go paperless and streamline your client management and intake process.


Simply start with one of our built-in form templates and adapt it to your needs, workflow and branding. 

With ClientManager's white label onboarding software you can:


  • Create or customize intake form templates in minutes with our user-friendly interface

  • Send forms using a simple, secure link and allow clients to fill them out securely online, from the comfort of home

  • Allow clients to add digital signatures to forms

  • Set up automated appointment reminders 

  • Manage your client list and appointment scheduling on the cloud

  • Set up a client portal where clients can conveniently book appointments, view relevant documents online, and receive and pay invoices 

  • Keep all your client records safe, secure, and easily accessible for future treatments. 

At the end of the day, you'll have plenty more time to improve on personalized care and get to know your clients, rather than wasting time on admin!

We'd love it if you tried ClientManager free for 7 days.

Clients tell us they love the interface, user experience, and simplicity.

Here's to streamlining your onboarding process and making every client relationship count😊

​Kyle & CM Team

Onboard & manage your clients with ease.

Take control of your business. Save time and money - and actually enjoy the process, with ClientManager.


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