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What is client portal software?

It's a secure, online platform with all your client communication, assets, and more, in one place.

It simplifies the process with new clients by providing a dedicated space for organizing client information, scheduling sessions, sharing documents, and processing payments.

Here's what we cover:

  • Why every coach needs a client portal

  • Important features to look for

  • How to choose the best portal software for your coaching business

Client Portal Software for Coaches (White Label)

Manage your clients with a custom branded client portal software.


Why Every Coach Needs A Client Portal

As a coach, building strong relationships with your clients is the key to unlocking their full potential - and the full potential of your business.

By integrating a digital coaching platform into your practice, you not only streamline the admin side of business management, but also provide the best customer experience. 

Here are 6 benefits of client portals that can level up your coaching business:

Simplify Admin

Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools and platforms. Having everything on one platform – from client notes and session schedules to invoices and payments – means you can streamline your workflow and keep all your important info at your fingertips.

Automate Onboarding

Automation takes the hassle out of bringing a new client on board. Your client portal can handle tasks like sending welcome emails, collecting initial information, and setting up first sessions, ensuring a smooth and efficient start for every new client.

Set Up Coaching Programs & Packages

Want to scale your business by offering coaching programs or packages? A client portal makes it easy to set up and manage group coaching sessions, masterminds, or multi-week programs, all from one central dashboard.

Schedule 1:1 & Group Sessions

Simplify session scheduling for both you and your clients. Whether you offer online coaching or in-person sessions, a client portal makes it easy to manage bookings, send reminders, and avoid scheduling conflicts.

Track Clients' Progress

Using a central hub makes it easier to monitor your clients' lives and their progress. With customizable dashboards and simple feedback tools, you can provide more responsive feedback, celebrate milestones, and adjust coaching plans as needed to ensure continuous improvement.

Streamline Invoicing & Payments

With a secure client portal, you can automate invoices, process payments securely, and manage all your financial transactions in one place.


Important Features to Consider When Choosing a Client Portal

As a coach, your software needs are unique.


You're a small business and you don't need the same complex client portal features and frills as large enterprises or businesses in other industries - it would just overcomplicate your life. 

Rather focus on finding a software solution that offers the essential features you need to enhance your coaching practice and create a seamless experience for your clients.

Here are some key features to look for:

User-friendly Client Dashboard

The best client portal software is easy to use for both you and your clients. Software can easily go overboard and get cluttered if it’s trying to be too many things to too many people.


Look for a portal solution that’s purpose-built for independent professionals without all the extra frills, and that's simple to understand and use right off the bat.

Direct Messages

Direct messaging within the portal ensures you have a clear record of conversations and can easily stay in touch with your clients, while keeping everything organized and accessible.

File Sharing 

A portal lets you securely share assets with your clients without relying on email attachments. Being able to securely share files and protect sensitive client information is crucial for maintaining confidentiality and professionalism.

Online Scheduling

Portal software should make scheduling a breeze by allowing both of you to schedule meetings directly in the portal (and get auto meeting reminders) without the endless emails back and forth.

Customization & White Label Software

White label client portal software gives you the freedom to customize the portal and any other client-facing elements - like intake forms, invoices, and the client dashboard itself - with your own branding.


Rather than sending your clients to some generic third-party site that might make them apprehensive, white label software allows you to create a personalized platform that reinforces your unique coaching brand and builds trust with your clients.

Automation & Templates

The best portal software should save you time with customizable templates and automations for key aspects of your client onboarding (eg. client intake templates), so you don't have to keep reinventing the wheel with every client. 

Invoicing and Payments

Your client portal should automate how you invoice clients, and ideally integrate collecting payments directly. This feature alone makes it worth the investment in the hours saved on admin and improving your cashflow. 

Solid Security & Privacy Features

Security and privacy are a must-have with client portals for both you and your clients' peace of mind. And of course robust security features are a non-negotiable when it comes to collecting online payments. 

Customer support & regular updates

Look for a software vendor that offers good customer support and that regularly updates their software and features. You want to be with a provider who actually cares about your needs and wants to keep improving on their product to make it better for you.  

If you're looking for a simple and streamlined client portal solution for coaching businesses that checks all these boxes, try ClientManager for free.


How To Create Your Branded Client Portal

If you're used to doing all your client work over different channels, switching to a centralized digital platform can be a bit of an adjustment.

But don’t worry, setting up a client portal isn’t complicated, and the benefits will far outweigh the initial effort.  

With ClientManager, it's easy to create a fully branded client portal in less than 5 minutes.

Here's a walk-through to see how it works: 


Your White Label Client Portal Solution

We've designed ClientManager as a simple, effective client management tool for solo professionals and agencies that ticks all the boxes for your business needs, without the added fluff.

Some of our users' favourite white-label client portal features include: 

  • Integrated client onboarding that replaces email

  • Customizable dashboard & client view

  • Online scheduling & calendar view

  • Easy form builders & template library

  • Digital signatures

  • Invoice builder & recurring invoices

  • Payment integrations for Paypal & Stripe  

  • Clean and modern interface 

We’d love it if you tried ClientManager's free for 7 days

​Most users tell us they love the intuitive interface, user experience, and simplicity. 

Here's to your business growth and even happier clients this year 😊

Thanks again,

​Kyle & CM Team

Onboard & manage your clients with ease.

Take control of your business. Save time and money - and actually enjoy the process, with ClientManager.



Choosing the Best Client Portal for Coaches

Choosing the right coaching software from all the different tools available can be daunting, especially if you're new to CRM or customer portal software. 

Here's a simple approach to help you narrow down and find the best option:

Get clear on your needs

Take stock of your current client onboarding process and pinpoint the areas that could use the most improvement. Decide what features are non-negotiable and will make the biggest difference in your workflow and for the client experience.

Research and compare

Explore the various client portal tools available, comparing features, pricing, and user reviews. Look for solutions that are specifically designed for professional services businesses, and use free trials to give them a test drive.  

Think long-term

Choose a platform that can grow alongside your business and adapt to your changing needs. Look for a platform with good customer support and a pricing structure that aligns with your budget.

Customize and launch

Once you've found your perfect client portal, customize it to make it your own branded client portal.  Then start test-driving it with your clients. 
You'll soon be on your way to transforming your business. 

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